The Lincoln County Commissioners had adopted a resolution October 5, 2004, approving the Lincoln County Water Management Plan as a 10-Year Plan: September, 2004 - August, 2014.  The plan has a 5-year Implementation Program: September, 2004 - August, 2009.
The Task Force updated and amended the following sections of the Water Management Plan: Preface: Accomplishments from 2004 - 2008;  Section 1: Executive Summary; and Section 4: Implementation Plan (next five-years).  For specifics of each section of the plan refer to the links below:  The amended sections are listed as 2009!  The amended priority concerns are:
  • Groundwater Protection for the Verdi Well Field.
  • Surface Water Quality Deterioration focusing on MPCAs list of TMDLs and Impaired waters.  TMDL-South Branch, Yellow Medicine River for Fecal Coliform.  Impaired waters include various river reaches and the following Lakes:  Dead Coon, Benton, Perch, Shaokatan and Hendricks.  TMDLs underway: Lac qui Parle River-Yellow Bank-Bacteria, Turbidity, and Low Dissolved Oxygen; Lake Shaotakan-Excess Nutrients; Redwood River-Fecal Coliform and Turbidity; and Minnesota River-Turbidity.
  • Erosion and Sediment Sediment Control on agricultural land primarily gully erosion and concentrated flow with several priority areas throughout Lincoln County including: TMDL-South Branch, Yellow Medicine River for Fecal Coliform.  Impaired waters including various river reaches and lakes including:  Dead Coon, Benton, Perch, Shaokatan and Hendricks.  TMDL/s underway: Lac qui Parle River-Yellow Bank-Bacteria, Turbidity and Low Dissolved Oxygen; Lake Shaotakan-Excess Nutrients; Redwood River-Fecal Coliform and Turbidity and Minnesota River-Turbidity.
  • Lake Management Improvement (water quality) and Recreational Opportunities targeting Lake Benton, Lake Shaokatan and Lake Hendricks.
  • Surface Water Runoff and Drainage addressing runoff volume and water quality through drainage management.

To view the individual sections click on the links below.  For the 2009 amended sections click the sections followed by 2009:
  • Table of Contents:
    • The Table of Contents lists each Section of the Lincoln County Water Management Plan update and the pages in which the specific items start.  Each Section starts over with the page number being "1".
  • Preface (2009):
    • Includes maps of the following:
      -Watersheds in the County
      -Major lakes in Lincoln County: Lake Benton, Lake Hendricks, Lake Shaokatan, East and West Lake Stay, and Dead Coon Lake 
    • 2009 Plan Administration
    • Accomplishments: January 1, 2004 - December 31, 2008.
  • Preface (2004):
    • Includes a description of Lincoln County, MN;
    • Plan Administration and Role of the Task Force; and
    • Accomplishments: May 20, 1997 to December 31, 2003.
  • Section 1: Executive Summary (2009):
    • Version and purpose of the plan.
    • 2009 - 2013 Description of Priority Concerns and Summary of Goals, Actions and projected total cost.
  • Executive Summary (2004):
    • Version and Purpose;
    • Description of Priority Concerns;
    • Summary of Goals and Actions and Projected Total Cost;
    • Summary of Consistency/Inconsistency of the Plan with other Plans; and
    • Summary of Recommended Amendments to other Plans/Controls.
  • Assessment of the Priority Concerns:
    • Assessment of each of the priority concerns listed above.
  • Goals and Objectives:
    • Lists the goad and objectives which are addressed under each of the priority concerns.
  • Section 4: Implementation Plan (2009):
    • Impaired Waters and TMDLs.
    • Priority Concerns, Goals, Objectives, Action Items for the next five years - 2009 - 2013.
  • Implementation Program (2004):
    • Lists the implementation program for the priority concerns and also lists the Abbreviations used in this section.
  • Implementation: Ongoing Activities Coordinated by the Plan:
    • Identifies other activities and programs that make up the local water management program, but are not reflected in the priority concern section;
    • Lincoln County Comprehensive Development Ordinance; and
    • Lincoln County Comprehensive Sustainable Development Plan.
  • Appendix: Priority Scoping Document:
    • Initial Priority Concerns;
    • Description of how and why the priority concerns were chosen;
    • Attachment 1: Priority concerns/issues collected from local/state/federal agencies;
    • Attachment 2: Priority concerns/issues collected from state and local input meetings;
    • Attachment 3: Water Plan issue identification meeting for Lincoln County;
    • Attachment 4: Minutes from the Water Plan Update-Public Input Meeting- February 11, 2003;
    • Priority Scoping Document Addendum: December, 2003-priority concerns portion of the scoping document is replaced with this section of priority concerns.

For more information or questions on the Lincoln County Water Management Plan contact: Pauline VanOverbeke or for more information on the process of Local Water Management Planning go to