The Wetland Conservation Act (WCA) was approved and signed by the Minnesota Legislature in 1991 because of public concern over Minnesota’s disappearing wetlands.  To retain the benefits of wetlands and reach the legislation’s goal of no-net-loss of wetlands, the Wetland Conservation Act (WCA) requires anyone proposing to drain or fill a wetland first to try to avoid disturbing the wetland; second, to try minimize any impact on the wetland; and, finally, to replace any lost wetland acres, functions, and values.  Certain wetland activities are exempt from the act, allowing projects with minimal impact or projects located on land where certain pre-established land uses are present to proceed without regulations.

Wetlands are governed by both Federal and State programs and laws.  The Minnesota Wetland Conservation Act is administered locally by the Lincoln SWCD.    In addition to the Federal Farm Service Agency AD-1026 form, you will need to fill out a form at the SWCD office located in the USDA Ag Service Center in Ivanhoe  before you proceed with your excavation, filling or drainage projects.  This form will help us determine if you will be in compliance with the State Wetland Conservation Act.  After we review your request, you may be required to fill out a basic application.

Wetland protection is not just an agricultural issue, it is a land use issue.  So whether your project is on a farm or in town, make sure you have the permits you need by contacting one or more of the following for their comments and/or approval to be sure your project won’t impact a wetland:

  • Lincoln SWCD - 507.694.1630 Ext 3
  • Farm Service Agency - 507.694.1644 Ext 2
  • Natural Resources Conservation Service - 507.694.1630 Ext 3
  • Yellow Medicine Watershed District - 507.872.6720
  • Lac qui Parle Yellow Bank Watershed District - 320.598.3132
  • Minnesota Department of Natural Resources - 507.537.7258
  • United States Army Corps of Engineers - 651.290.5375
Charges for services for the Wetland Conservation Act are as follows:
  • Excemption; No Loss Certificate - $100
  • Full Application - $150
  • Local Restoration Order - $150
  • Delineation Review - $150
  • Full Restoration Order - $450
  • Appeal Process - $500
Landowner Statement and Contractor Responsibility Form
Contractors/landowner responsibility form must be filled out prior to work being done next to or in a wetland area.  Conservation officers are fining contractors for work being done in wetland areas prior to filling out the responsibility form.  A contractor consists of anyone (landowners included) running a piece of equipment for someone other than them self.  For a copy of the form contact the Lincoln SWCD office 507.694.1630 Ext 3 or Dale Sterzinger.