Planning, Sales and Planting: The Lincoln SWCD provides a tree program to landowners/operators in Lincoln County.  The nursery stock is top quality and is offered at minimal cost.  The SWCD can assist in the planning and design of a field windbreak, farmstead shelterbelt, wildlife planting or a living snow fence.  The SWCD Conservation Technician will work with landowners to access program funding for tree plantings.  Cost-share may be available.
  • The district sells a variety of trees.  Listed under the Tree Species below are some of the trees available through the Lincoln SWCD.  For more information on availability and prices refer to the contact information listed below.
  • All tree and planting charges are subject to change.
  • Tree Planting Service: Minimum-$75.00; Bare Root/Tree-$.30; Potted/Tree-$.75; Outside of the County an addition $1/mile will be charged.
  • Power tree auger available at a charge of $25 flat fee per project and $.05 per tree.
Plantskydd: Protects trees against deer, rabbits, and elk.  Listed are the sizes of plantskydd available.
  • 1.3 Gal. Liquid - $50.00
  • 1 Quart Bottle - $20.00
  • 1 Pound Powder - $23.00
  • 2.2 Pound Powder - $38.00
  • 1 Pound Granular - $10.00
  • 1 Liter Spray Applicator - $12.00
Tubex: Protects trees from deer and rabbit damage.  Cost of the tubex plus tax are as follows:
  • 4' Tubex w/stake- $3.50/Tube
  • 4' Tubex w/out stake- $3.00/Tube
Matting Material: Growth rates are significantly faster when weed barrier
 is used, as newly planted trees can't compete with annual weeds and grasses. 
It suppresses weeds, moderates soil temperature and conserves moisture
to create a favorable root development of the trees.
  •  3' X 3' Mat - $1.40/Mat
  • 300' Roll - Call For Pricing
  • Staples - $45/Box
Service Charge: A service charge of 1 1/2% will be added each 30 days after the initial billing and every 30 days thereafter on the unpaid balance until the bill is paid in full.   

The District sells a variety of trees.  For a complete list of trees and prices along with weed control and maintenance contact: Dale Sterzinger.  

Tree descriptions and photos are courtesy of the North Dakota Extension Service and North Dakota Agriculture Experiment Station, and Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. 
Conifers   Tall Hardwood  Medium Hardwood  Shrubs 
Arborvitae, American  Cherry, Black  Chokecherry, Common  Cranberrybush, American 
Juniper, E. Red Cedar 


Crabapple, Red Splendor  Dogwood, Redosier 
Ponderosa Pine  Maple, Rubrum (Red)  Plum, American  Elderberry, American 
White Spruce  Maple, Sugar  Viburnum, Nannyberry  Hazelnut, American 
Spruce, Black Hills  Oak, Bur    Juneberry (Serviceberry) 
Spruce, Colorado  Poplar, Norway    Lilac, Common 
  Walnut, Black    Freedom Honeysuckle 
  Linden, American    Western Sandcherry 
  Silver Maple    Nanking Cherry