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This page consists of the following:
Priority Concerns Tree Program Clean Water Fund Grants
Conservation Planning/Const. Erosion Control/Water Mgmt. Water Management Plan
Ag BMP Program WCA Walk-In-Access Program
Working Lands Initiative Drill Program Seed Program
Other C-S/Incentive Programs Education Programs Water Permits
Observation Wells Reporting Federal C-S Programs

  • Ground water protection for the Verdi Well Field.
  • Surface water quality deterioration focusing on MPCAs list of TMDLs and Impaired waters.  TMDL-South Branch, Yellow Medicine River for Fecal Coliform.  Impaired waters include various river reaches and the following Lakes:  Dead Coon, Benton, Perch, Shaokatan and Hendricks.  TMDLs underway: Lac qui Parle River-Yellow Bank-Bacteria, Turbidity, and Low Dissolved Oxygen; Lake Shaokatan-Excess Nutrients; Redwood River-Fecal Coliform and Turbidity; and Minnesota River-Turbidity.
  • Erosion and Sediment Control on agricultural land primarily gully erosion and concentrated flow with several priority areas throughout Lincoln County including: TMDL-South Branch, Yellow Medicine River for Fecal Coliform.  Impaired waters including various river reaches and lakes including:  Dead Coon, Benton, Perch, Shaokatan and Hendricks.  TMDLs underway: Lac qui Parle River-Yellow Bank-Bacteria, Turbidity and Low Dissolved Oxygen; Lake Shaokatan-Excess Nutrients; Redwood River-Fecal Coliform and Turbidity and Minnesota River-Turbidity.
  • Lake Management Improvement (water quality) and Recreational Opportunities targeting Lake Benton, Lake Shaokatan and Lake Hendricks.
  • The plan also addresses the following:
    Provide for an effective/efficient District Operation and provide assistance to landowners/operators.
     -Increase public awareness through educational, promotional and informational activities.
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Tree Program: The Lincoln SWCD provides a tree program to landowners/operators in Lincoln County.  The nursery stock is top quality and is offered at minimal cost.  The SWCD can assist in the planning and design of a field windbreak, farmstead shelterbelt, wildlife planting or a living snow fence.  For more information on the tree program or cost-sahre assistance contact Jake Harrison or go:  Tree Program.
  • Planning, Sales and Planting
  • Plantskydd Repellent
  • Tubex
  • Matting Material
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Clean Water Fund Grants: Provide cost-share and incentives for various projects.  Go to the Clean Water Funds for more information on the following grants:
  • 2010 CWF-Yellow Medicine Major Watershed Project is complete.  For specific details on the completed grant go to: Yellow Medicine Project.
  • 2011 CWF-Verdi Well Field Protection Project is complete.  For specific details on the completed grant go to: Verdi Well Field Project.

  • 2013 CWF-Lake Shaokatan and Yellow Medicine Sub-Watersheds Implementation Project; Cost-share availabe for Water and Sediment Control Basins and Alternative Intakes.  Incentive dollars are available for Filter Strips in conjunction with CCRP.  Funding for specific projects included seven wetland restorations and one grade stabilization project.  For specific details on the grant go to Lake Shaokatan & Yellow Medicine Project.

For more information on the Clean Water Fund Grant Projects in Lincoln County contact 507.694.1630 Ext 3.
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Conservation Planning and Construction: The SWCD along with its parnter agency, the Natural Resource Conservation Service, provides technical assistance for landowners to:
  • Conduct a site investigation with the owner/operator,
  • Work with the owner/operator to determine the best management practice for the given situation,
  • Survey and design the project,
  • Produce a rough cost-estimate,
  • Provide them with a designe for submission of bids,
  • Perform a pre-construction conference with the contractor and owner/operator, and
  • Supervise construction and certify completion of the project
Examples of conservation practices are shown under the Erosion Control Practices link.  For information concerning conservation practices contact the office or for tree projects contact Dale Sterzinger or Randy Kraus for ecological practices .
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 Erosion Control and Water Management Program (State Cost-Share): Provides landowners/occupiers with financial assistance to offset the cost of installing conservation practices that protect and improve water quality by controlling soil erosion and reducing sedimentation.  The SWCD provides up to 75% cost-share on conservation practices such Water and Sediment Control Basins (WSCB's).  All practices must be approved for cost-share prior to construction.  Landowners are reimbursed upon completion of the project.
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Lincoln County Water Management Plan: The Lincoln County Commissioners adopted a resolution on October 5, 2004, approving the update of the Lincoln County Water Management Plan.  The Water Management Plan is a 10-Year Plan: September, 2004 - August, 2014 and has a 5-year Implementation Program: September, 2009 - August, 2014.  For information on the Lincoln County Water Management Plan go to Water Plan page, which will direct you to the specific sections of the Water Plan or call 507.694.1630 Ext 3.
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Ag Best Management Practices (BMP) Loan Program: The Lincoln SWCD handles the Ag BMP Low Interest Loan Program for the County.  For more information go to the Ag BMP Program page or contact Lincoln SWCD or the Minnesota Department of Agriculture personnel: Dwight Wilcox or David Miller.
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Wetland Conservation Act (WCA) Program: The Minnesota Wetland Conservation Act is administered locally by the Lincoln SWCD.  Go to the WCA page for more information or contact Dale Sterzinger.
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Walk-In-Access Program: Is an opportunity for landowners in Lincoln County to earn extra income by opening their land up for public hunting.  For more information on the Walk-In-Access lands in Lincoln County go the the following website: or contact Randy Kraus.
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Working Lands Initiative: The "Working Lands for Wildlife Initiative" (WLI) is a public/private partnership for wildlife development.  Priority areas are those where a significant investment has already been made or major components of habitat are already in place.  "Working Lands" can add the remaining management or restoration activity to complete the system, thereby maximizing wildlife benefits on minimal acres.  Working lands areas consist of: focus areas will concentrate on specific wetland/grassland complexes, and, each complex should strive to include 40% total grassland acres.  Lincoln County has six target areas.  Click here for a map of the target areas.  For more information on the Working Lands Initiative contact Randy Kraus.
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Drill Program: The district has available for rent one Haybuster Drill to seed CRP, waterways, etc.  Also availabe is a Great Plains drill, tractor and opeator in which the SWCD transports to and from the location.  With this service, the seed must be purchased through the SWCD.  For more information on the drill program or to rent a drill to seed your CRP, contact Randy Kraus.
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Seed Program: The district sells seed for use in CRP plantings, wildlife plantings, waterways, etc.  For more information on the seed program, contact Randy Kraus.
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Other Cost-Share/Incentive Programs: The SWCD works with other agencies to provide cost-share and incentive programs to owners/operators.  The agencies are: SWCD's including: Lac qui Parle, Lyon, Pipestone, Redwood and Yellow Medicine and the Lac qui Parle-Yellow Bank River Watershed District, Yellow Medicine River Watershed District and the Redwood-Cottonwood Rivers Control Area.  Depending on the grants available, funding varies from year to year.
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Education Programs: Go to the Education Programs page for more information on the following: Rain Gauge Program; County Fair Booth; and the Co-Sponsored Environmental Fair.
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Water Permits: The district processes and reviews the Department of Natural Resource water permits.
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Observation Wells: The SWCD contracts with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to measure the water level in wells located in the county.  The SWCD measures four wells in the county.
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Reporting: The district reports progress on all grants received through the Board of Water and Soil Resources.  The reporting consists of owner/operator, contract number, date project was installed, project implemented, reduction of pollutants of sediment and phosphorus, cost-share or incentive received, landowner share, etc.
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Federal Cost-Share Programs: A variety of federal cost-share programs are available to help landowners/operators pay for installing best management conservation practices.  SWCD and NRCS technician's work with landowners/operators to access appropriate funding.  Contact the office at 507-694-1630, x3 for more information on the available programs.  Go to the NRCS Programs (Ivanhoe Field Office) link for more information on some of the Federal Programs available.
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