The Lincoln Soil and Water Conservation District is involved with the following education programs: 
  • Conservation Programs:

  • Rain Gauge Program - the SWCD maintains a network of volunteers who monitor and report precipitation amounts.  The information is sent to the Minnesota Office of climatology.  Data may be found at Rain Gauge

  • County Fair Booth - display set up at the county fair in Tyler, MN

  • Conservationist Award Program - Recognizes individuals, conservation organizations, and others for outstanding accomplishments with implementing conservation practices and improving Minnesota’s natural resources.  The SWCD selects a winner from Lincoln County that will represent the District at the State Convention

  • Newsletter/Annual Report

Education programs that the Lincoln Soil and Water Conservation District co-sponsor include.
  • Area V Environmental Fair:

  • Environmental programs held for 5th-6th grade students

  • Eleven county area in Southwest Minnesota

  • Held in September of every year with the location changing each year